Our Prayer Chaplains

Our devoted loving prayer chaplains are committed to listening and affirmatively praying with you for spiritual support! Connect and receive your personal prayer to believe and know “ There is only one Presence and one Power in the universe and active in your life.”

We are available after Sunday service and/or please complete a prayer request form and we’ll call and pray with you.

To receive confidential one-on-one prayer support (24/7), please call Silent Unity, your partner in prayer at 816-969-2000 (English), 800-669-7729 (Spanish), postal mail, be.unity.org or via the BeUnity free mobile app.

Unity prays with all people of all faiths or no faith. Your prayer request is a sacred honor and trust. When you call and pray, your prayer request will be placed in the Unity Prayer Vigil Chapel for the next 30 days.

Monica Hart, Prayer Chaplain Coordinator

Monica HartFor over 26 years , Monica has lovingly served as a prayer chaplain. She was deeply inspired by Unity Ministers, Reverends Phil and Dorothy Pierson’s love, wisdom, and teachings. She’s made a lifetime commitment to follow a personal mindful and spiritual awakening practice through daily prayer, meditation, journaling, marathon running, and serving in love in the community. In 2020, Monica completed a hospital Clinical Chaplain Program.


Susan Diohep, Prayer Chaplain

Susan Diohep

Susan Diohep has been a member of Unity Center of Stockton for many years and has served both as a Prayer Chaplain and in several Board offices.

She is grateful to be a member of this community.



Glen Gomez, Prayer Chaplain


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